How Can You Tackle Condensation?

Condensation is one problem you don’t want to find in your home. It can be incredibly destructive if left unchecked and can have a serious impact on our health if it results in mould or other fungus growing in your home.

So, if you notice that you have condensation in your home, what can you do?

Firstly, simply opening windows to improve air circulation won’t make the problem go away, although it will help. Condensation is a lifestyle problem – steam in the kitchen and bathroom has to be alleviated by the installation of condensation fans.

It is better to keep the door closed while cooking and bathing. When finished, the windows should be opened to let the steam out with the doors closed.

Wet or damp clothes mustn’t be dried in the house as this releases large amounts of water into the atmosphere. See our condensation sheet for more helpful information on the causes of condensation and how to deal with it.

Mould remover won’t fix the problem, because it doesn’t address the source. Ultimately, if your property is prone to damp you need to contact an expert to find out the best course of action.

The property occupier must play their part in being aware of their role as custodians of the property.

If you need assistance with condensation in London, contact our team today.

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