600,000 Irish Homes ‘Damp And Rotting’

There is a huge problem of damp in Ireland’s houses, with around 600,000 people estimated to be living in rotting homes, according to a recent report.

Engineers Ireland has released its State of Ireland 2019 document that reveals more than half a million people in the Republic live in properties that suffer from a “leaking roof, damp walls, floors or foundation or rot in window frames or floors”.

This amounts to 12.6 per cent of the population, which includes those who rent properties, despite there being Minimum Standards for Rented Accommodation with regards to damp and rot, sanitary facilities, heating, ventilation, light and gas safety, electrical supply, and structural repair.

Indeed, a recent YouGov survey found many tenants suffer from unfortunate problems of damp. It revealed 51 per cent of residents regard this as their main cause of dissatisfaction, the Builders Merchant Journal revealed.

Irish housing was given a ‘D’ grade overall by a survey of 1,735 qualified engineers, which means the properties are “below standard, poorly maintained, [have a] frequently inability to meet capacity and [require] immediate investment to avoid adverse impact on the national economy”.

The report stated this ‘poor’ grading means the engineers believe “the sector is of serious concern and requires immediate action”.

As well as the poor physical condition of the houses being a major concern, their low connectivity, access to infrastructure, and capacity to meet current and future needs of residents are also sub-standard.

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