How Can You Damp Proof Your Walls?

Having a damp problem in your home isn’t something you can ignore. It can lead to a host of issues, not to mention cause health problems if it’s left untreated.

Ideally, you should take preventative measures to make sure that damp problems don’t arise in your property in the first place. But if you discover that you have damp in the walls of your home, what are your options? A recent article for Property Road shared some of the methods out there for preventing damp.

  • If the damp is rising within the walls then an injection damp fluid should be installed in the brickwork to stop the capillary action within the brickwork.

  • If your cellar/basement is below ground and you have lateral damp penetration to the walls and dampness to the floor

  • This can be dealt with either by cavity membrane or a cementitious approach depending upon the needs of the building.

It’s advisable to speak to professionals in damp proofing in Surrey before you make any decisions, however, to ensure you’re opting for the most appropriate solution for your needs.

There are also some simple steps you can take to prevent some of your damp problems from developing in the first place. Keeping your home in a good state of repair is essential, as it will mean you’re less likely to suffer from issues relating to damp.

Simple things like making sure your gutter is regularly cleared and not broken, as well as checking for leaks in your pipes and around your boiler or taps can help you catch issues before they result in bigger problems.

If condensation is causing your damp problems, check out our blog from last month about how to deal with this in your property.



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