UK Braces Itself For Heavy Thunderstorms

It has been a relatively mild winter so far, but this is all going to come to an end this week, when strong thunderstorms engulf most of the UK.

Low pressure will push inland, which will lead to heavy showers and thick clouds, particularly in the south and west of England.

While bad weather is to be expected during the colder months, this is especially bad news for those who have a problem of rising damp in their London houses, as the excess moisture in the air could exacerbate the issue.

There is also a strong threat of floods in Britain this week, which would mean those with damp issues in their property would be deeply affected by the poor weather conditions.

The Met Office has currently issued eight flood alerts for the UK for Wales and the south-west of England, stating that flooding is a possibility so residents should “be prepared”.

Meteorologist for BBC Breakfast Carol Kirkwood was quoted by the Express as saying: “A lot of the showers will be in the west where some of them could be heavy and thundery.”

Even those places that could remain dry will experience heavy winds, according to the weather expert, with some locations along the western coastline and hills possibly encountering gale force speeds.

While temperatures are set to be higher than average this week, with the mercury hitting 14C in some areas of the UK, this could end up being the wettest November since records began if showers continue to fall at the same rate, Kirkwood predicted.

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