Water Companies ‘Need to Learn From Last Winter’s Mistakes’

Last winter was a particularly harsh one for most Brits, as the Beast of the East blasted the UK with snow, wind, rain and sleet for several weeks.

It also left 200,000 people without water supply for more than four hours, and tens of thousands were without running water for days on end. This was due to the sudden freezing conditions followed by a quick increase in temperature resulting in burst pipes and floods.

While it no doubt caused plenty of basements to become very damp and more prone to the problem of rotting, it also rendered thousands of Brits without an adequate water supply.

The Consumer Council for Water found that many consumers were most disappointed by the lack of communication, support and emergency water supplies from their supplier.

Chief executive of the organisation Tony Smith stated: “Water companies need to prove that they have listened to consumers and really learned lessons from the service failures we witnessed.”

Last week, water companies published their action plans detailing how they would avoid such catastrophic failings if faced with severe weather conditions again.

Mr Smith added that customers will be expecting a lot more from their providers next time, and hopes regulator Ofwat will issue a “tough response” if they fail to respond appropriately to any problems that may occur.

While the companies have issued £7 million for customers most affected, Ofwat stated this is not enough to compensate those who had no access to water.

It stated: “There is no excuse for this level of failure.”

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