Pilot Scheme For Landlord License Launching In Hackney

Landlords who have rental properties in certain parts of Hackney are among those who will be expected to pay £500 for a five-year license for each property they let to tenants in a pilot scheme that’s set to launch in October.

The Hackney Gazette reported on the measures, which will impact those who own rental homes in the boroughs of Stoke Newington, Cazenove and Brownwood.

According to the newspaper, the council is introducing the scheme because it believes 15 per cent of 4,700 privately rented properties in these areas are substandard. Many of these have damp and mould problems, dangerous boilers, exposed wiring or vermin infestations.

In order to get their five-year license, landlords will need to improve standards in the property. However, many have criticised Hackney Council for a lack of information about what standards they expect properties to meet, as well as for the harsh penalties for any who aren’t compliant.

The council told the newspaper that the website about the scheme would go live by the end of September and that they’d have a “reasonable” grace period to allow landlords to get licenses before any prosecutions were brought.

It could mean that there’s a flurry of landlords looking for assistance with damp proofing in London as well as timber treatment to get homes ready for the new scheme.

Any landlords who have a property with a basement that currently isn’t used for much could benefit from carrying out cellar tanking work to allow it to be used for storage. Earlier this year, This Is Money pointed out that in London in particular this can be a lucrative thing to do.

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