Watch Out For Woodworm Scams!

While as a homeowner you’d be right to worry about woodworm and how it can affect your property, you should make sure that you’re familiar with the signs of an infestation – or you could find that you’re taken for a ride!

Last year, it was reported that there were some homeowners who fell foul of scam artists who took live maggots into their property and told them that they had a woodworm problem. You should always be on your guard against cowboy builders and rogue tradesmen, but it can be hard when they sound authoritative and show you certain “evidence” of an issue in your house.

As always, be wary of anyone cold calling you or knocking on your door. It’s best to avoid signing up to anything unless you’ve explicitly gone looking for a service yourself – that way you know you won’t be getting ripped off.

Signs of woodworm include small round exit holes (similar in size to those you might see on a dart board), fine powdery dust often found near these exit holes, crumbling edges on your boards and joists, weak and damaged flooring or timber, and tunnels within the timber itself.

You may also see beetles coming out of the holes in your wood, or dead ones near the holes and timber. It is worth noting that not all woodworm signs are a cause for worry and it might be an indication that there was a problem in the past. If you’re worried about woodworm in London, get in touch with us here at Damp Cure Wood Cure/30 today.

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