‘Call In Professionals’ If You Want A Home Wine Cellar

With space a premium in many parts of the UK, homeowners are looking for inventive ways to make the most of what they already have, and for some that means extending below ground.

One use of underground space is as a custom wine cellar, but as one expert has pointed out when speaking to Stuff.co.nz, you need professional help to ensure your cellar is suitable for wine storage.

Tony Thomas, from wine cellaring specialist Eurocave, explained that you can’t simply dig out a space under your home and hope that will be enough.

“If you dig underground for a cellar thinking you are going to get the right temperature, you won’t. It’s just not cold enough and the temperature will fluctuate,” he stated.

Mr Thomas explained that wine cellars should be kept at a consistent 12 to 14 degrees C, while humidity also needs to be consistent. That means you should also consider the possibility of damp causing a problem, especially if you have an existing basement that hasn’t been waterproofed.

Cellar tanking is the process of waterproofing an underground space and, when done properly, will prevent any kind of lateral damp penetration through the walls. If you want this area of your home to be temperature controlled to keep wine in optimum condition, you need to get this right first.


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