Inspecting Roof ‘Essential’ Before Solar Installation

A growing number of homeowners are looking for ways to make their properties more energy efficient, not to mention making them more sustainable. That means features like solar panel installations can be attractive.

However, Solar Power World Online stressed the importance of having a thorough roof inspection before committing to any such installation.

The publication explained that issues such as dry rot, which can affect the structural support of a roof, need to be identified and treated before you can do any work. It also noted that, once solar panels have been fitted, it is more difficult to access the roof and carry out any repairs.

Inspecting the roof from the outside isn’t enough either - you also need to get into your attic and have a thorough look around, especially if you’re going to identify problems like dry rot or sagging rafters.

“While solar technicians are careful about installation practices, like flashing and sealing roof penetrations, roofing contractors can best recognise roof deficiencies,” the website asserted.

The process of fixing dry rot in London and elsewhere is unlikely to be a quick one. It involves removing the affected timber and wall plaster, applying a fungicidal wall solution using a range of methods, introducing ventilation procedures, and then repairing all the damage.

Of course, the sooner you’re able to identify the problem and call in expert assistance, the easier and less costly it will be to repair.

If you live in an older property and are considering fitting solar panels to your roof, you should therefore start by undertaking this kind of detailed survey of its condition, before you commit to the next steps.

Dampcure-Woodcure/30 Ltd can help you by carrying out an inspection of the roof space and providing a report on the conditions of the timbers.

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