5 Signs Of Woodworm To Look Out For

Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, you need to know how to look after your property properly or you could soon find it falling down around your ears if you’re not careful. Knowing what warning signs to look out for where various issues are concerned is important – so here are just a few indications you have a woodworm problem to keep an eye out for this year.

Exit holes in wood

Look out for small round exit holes in your beams and timber frames. These can often have sharp edges and are typically clean and fresh.


You may also hear these referred to as galleries – what you’re left with as a result of woodworm making their way through wood. They can be hard to see but worth keeping an eye out for anyway.

Weak floorboards

Another sign you might have a woodworm problem are weak or damaged floorboards, so keep an eye on your floors. If someone’s foot goes through the floor, you may have to get the professionals in!

Bore dust

If you suspect that some of the wood at home is infected, look out for bore dust below the wood itself. This is caused by woodworm beetles making their way out of the timber.

Beetles, dead or alive

Between May and October, you may see live beetles coming out of the wood – a very clear sign you have a problem! Dead beetles near the infected wood or near windowsills suggest that there is either a current or previous infestation, so definitely worth checking out.

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