It is when building design precautions are inadequate or through lack of maintenance, dampness penetrates the building. Although any indication of dampness in the lower part of the wall is often diagnosed to be 'Rising Damp,' condensation or penetrating damp can create this condition making it essential for expert diagnosis to be made, if unnecessary and costly procedures are to be avoided.

Below are some of the main causes of rising damp.

rising damp London diagrams

If structural deterioration due to rising damp or other causes of damp penetration are allowed to continue without proper treatment, it will lead to expensive damage to plaster, decorations, timber work and electrical wiring and will create an unhealthy living environment.

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Sources of Moisture in Buildings:


1. Rainwater penetration.
2. Water from the air, condensation.
3. Rising Damp.
4. Lateral Penetration.

Rising Damp

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