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Best Dehumidifiers Tried And Tested

Whether you're suffering from rising damp in your London home, or are just having problems when drying your clothes indoors during the winter months, a good dehumidifier is the best way to start to dry out your home before looking into damp proofing solutions. If you're not sure where to begin with a purchase of one of these little gadgets, the clever people at Which? have just released their latest picks of the dehumidifier market to help with your buying decision. Testing 30 dehumidifiers, Which? looked at which dehumidifiers pulled water from the air the quickest, both at room temperature and at colder temperatures, meaning you can choose the one that best suits your problem room. They al

Historic Burnley Hall Threatened By Dry Rot

Dry rot and wet rot can occur in older buildings when they are not properly maintained and when the early signs of water ingress are not picked up. This is what’s happened in Lancashire, where the Grade I listed Towneley Hall in Burnley is now suffering from extensive dry and wet rot. The Lancashire Telegraph highlighted the issue, as well as noting that efforts are being made to save the historic building. Sharing a surveyor’s report, the news provider revealed that there is an outbreak of dry rot “throughout the building”. “This has caused significant damage to the historic fabric of the building. Urgent action is needed to protect the building from further deterioration,” the report added

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